UNM2PNM Joseph Jaffe

If you are a regular reader of The Fresh Peel, then you are most likely aware of the ever verging and increasing power of social media. Joseph Jaffe has made it his business to keep several fingers on the pulse of this growing medium. Join the Conversation, is the latest work to be born out of his passion for the subject.

Many have reviewed the book already under Jaffe’s UNM2PNM experiment, which is an abbreviation for Use New Marketing to Prove New Marketing. So rather than create some elaborate outline telling you what you will read if you buy the book (Or win one here. Keep reading to find out how.), or repeating some of the common occurring thoughts on the book, I have offered up two reasons why I think you should read Join the Conversation.


1. Leading by Example

Even before day one, Jaffe hasn’t been afraid to implement the very ideas that he talks about in his book, into his own marketing. 

My first experience with Joseph Jaffe’s Join the Conversation occurred about two weeks before I even had the book in my hands. I blogged about it the morning of the event, and then reported the successful results the next day.

On October 20th of last year Jaffe rallied his social media community around a single cause, to bum rush the Amazon and push Join the Conversation, his newly released books up the the charts. It worked! The book made it as high as #26 on the overall bestsellers list and #2 on the business book list.

UNM2PNM is also another Jaffe brainchild, built to spark fires under blogs all over the world in a marketing endeavor for Join the Conversation. (One thing I might note is that the books were given out in true social media fashion, to those who promised to review the book, no matter if their final review is good or bad.)  


2. Some Starting Measurements

It’s amazingly easy to criticize a company or organization for not being as conversational as they should be. I mean it’s just learning to talk to your customers through a new channel new, right?

It’s more complex than just connecting to a group of customers that are sitting in one spot, waiting to talk to you. With over 70 millions blogs (and growing) and thousands of social networks, many companies quickly find themselves under prepared and overwhelmed. It can be easy to get caught up in chasing fads and trends, instead of meeting the social media goals they should be after.

This is where I believe Join the Conversation shines. Lots of other books and blogs make the same case for companies getting off their rumps and getting into the waters of social media, but this is where most of them stop, giving little or no advice as to how they should start doing this.

Jaffe, on the other hand offers a variety of tools to measure any companies progression into the social media forum, and it is through this less glamorous side of social media that really makes it shine. Many of these measurements are the same ones that are implemented at Crayon, where Jaffe is the ‘President and Chief Interruptor.’


Want a free copy of the Join the Conversation?

Since I bought a few copies of the book during the Bum Rush, I’ve got a fresh new copy waiting to be mailed to you. All you have to do to get it, is answer the following question in the comments:

For a company looking to ‘join the conversation’ by getting into social media, what should be their first step and why?

I’ll choose the best answer from the comments submitted from now until Friday, February 9th.