It can be easy to get caught up with flashy marketing promotions that cost a lot of money, but a lot of times it’s the tried and true that provide the biggest lift. Here are some examples of how simple branded stickers and a little creativity can be used to get your brand the attention it deserves without spending a lot of money.

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Bat Signal Created with Stickers on Sidewalk Lights

To draw attention to the premiere of Batman Begins on TV2, Batman stickers were placed on footpath sidewalk lights to create the illusion of a bat signal. This is a great example of how a creative marketing idea can be achieved with simple, inexpensive tools like stickers.


Car Scratches Sticker Decal

VrijVerzekerd, a Dutch car insurance company, placed special clear sticker decals on expensive cars in the city that, from a distance, made them look like they had been severely scratched. The stickers had marketing copy in between the scratch lines talking about how the insurance company would protect the car owners if real damage like this ever happened to their cars.

The campaign came had a little risk to it. Since the owners were sure to be full of intense emotion when returning to their vehicles and thinking they had been damaged, but the campaign produced positive response and an increase in traffic to the company’s website.


Cillit Bang Coins Marketing

Cillit BANG Cleaner Coin Stickers

Cillit BANG is a househould cleaning product in the UK. In a creative campaign, transparent stickers were placed on 5 cent coins they gave out as change to consumers, that were half way cleaned by Cillit BANG and half way dirty.


Sushi Rolls Escalator Guerrilla Marketing

Sushi Rolls Parade on Escalator

A hotel sushi restaurant was looking for a clever, low cost way to wet visitors appetites and inform them of their location. Using standard round stickers, they created the illusion of mini sushi plates along the escalator railing.


 Key Takeaway:

Creative and unexpected ideas are clearly the key here. It’s not the medium.

Think of ways to do something unexpected that will cut through the clutter.