Ronald Jenkees Immitates no otherI knew it was time to pay attention to this self-proclaimed nerd from Kentucky, when I heard him make a connection from the classic rock band, Led Zeppelin, to hip-hop artists Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Ronald clearly understands the concept that “if you want to get noticed you can’t be a clone.” He doesn’t just bang around on a synthesizer imitating his favorite artists. He takes all of his musical influences, which I’ll note, appear to be all over the map, dumps them in a plastic bowl and pours his own special Ronald Sauce all over them.

To many, the persona that Ronald exhibits to the world via a camcorder from his bedroom, is in complete contradiction to what we normally think of in terms of successful musicians, celebrities, or anyone with influence for that matter. However, Ronald blows that idea out of the water with a strong following of over 6000 and rising subscribers on Youtube. He also recently released his long awaited CD, which is available on iTunes and at

I believe his unique mix of nerd, Kentucky hick, and spare bedroom hip-hop gangsta may be awkward for some, but is largely what his success can be attributed to. Ronald’s not a clone of anyone. He’s 100% pure Ronald Jenkees. And lets not forget his unbelievable sound that I cannot begin to describe with words.

Check out one of his latest Youtube video to see him in action:

I don’t think we have heard the last of Ronald Jenkees. In fact, I think this is just the beginning. I know it is for me. I bought his CD ten minutes ago on iTunes.

The first few times I watched Ronald I was amazed by his musical ability, but I just wasn’t quite sure if he was putting on an act with the coke bottle glasses and lame jokes. After watching all of his music videos on Youtube, I’ve come to the conclusion that if he’s not the real deal he has got his act down cold, and isn’t afraid of criticism.

So what do you think?

Is the real Ronald Jenkees the same guy that thousands are watching on Youtube?

Where do you think Ronald’s success stems from?