For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with Jaffe’s updates, Chronicling Bumrush the Amazon charts for Join the Conversation, the results are in. Join the Conversation quickly climbed the Amazon bestseller’s list yesterday, topping out at magic #26 on the overall bestseller’s list. The book set at #2 at the top of the business best sellers list right there next to the famous FED man, Alan Greenspan, who has been at #1 for weeks.

I’ll have to admit the results turned out a lot better than I expected. It was a very impressive show. Greg Verdino comments:

“there’s nothing to stop pretty much any marketer from applying these techniques to garner attention for their own new product launches and spur on-demand sales.  Nothing, that is, if that marketer takes the time to build their own community, fosters meaningful relationships with the members and then makes a coordinated effort across a variety of conversational channels to connect with the community at just the right time to move the needle.  None of these things happens overnight — they take quite a bit of effort and long term commitment.”

Since hitting #26 the book has made a slow descent. As I write this it is sitting at #95. This may be the last time we see the book this high on the Amazon charts, but there is sure to be buzz floating about, on what happened during the “Bumrush for Join the Conversation,” and that’s what it is truly all about — (forgive me for this Pete) CONVERSATION.