Join the Conversation Bumrush

Joseph Jaffe has a new book out called Join the Conversation, and he has come up with an “event” for which he is asking everyone to “bumrush” the charts at Amazon, by purchasing the book at the same time. Jaffe hopes this will shoot the book up in the rankings.

The “bumrush,” as Jaffe so eloquently named the event, is going on right now, Sunday, Oct 20th! So “join the conversation” and “Bumrush the Charts.”

Jaffe has beautifully taken something as ordinary and structured as purchasing a book on Amazon and turned it into something to participate in. Instead of giving the usual “here are reasons A, B and C explaining exactly why you should buy my book”, he is giving readers an opportunity to experience what the book is all about, even before they have read it.

I’m excited to see how this turns out!