Age of Conversation Bum Rush Update: New Date of January 5

Update: The Age of Conversation has been rescheduled for March 29th. More details here.


It’s been almost a full month since I first proposed the idea of a “Bum Rush all of the social media you can get your hands on.” Since then, we’ve learned that the book will be moving to Amazon and the initial date of the bum rush had to be rescheduled.

With all of that going on I thought it would be a good idea to recap our plans.

So, I’ve (1) updated the plan of action list, (2) created some Bum Rush “bling bling,” and (3) provided a couple of new ideas for things you can start doing right now.


Plan of Action List (for Jan. 5th)

  1. If you have a blog write a post about AoC and/or the Bum Rush. Make sure you have a prominent link to the Amazon listing so that readers can easily purchase the book. (We will have an affiliates link to the book, which I will post before the Bum Rush. All of the earnings will go to charity as well.)
  2. Throw in some Twitter posts about AoC and/or the Bum Rush.
  3. Trackback or Comment on the post that I will leave here on Jan 5th at 8:00pm CST, so that everyone can follow the conversation and help promote exposure on social sites (Digg, StumbleUpon,, etc.) 
  4. Digg the posts listed & send emails and shouts to friends requesting Diggs.
  5. Stumble the posts listed & tell friends to do the same. 
  6. Bookmark your post on
  7. Add your post to other social media outlets ( Technorati, Ma.gnolia, Furl, BlinkList, Newsvine, Facebook, etc.)
  8. Send an Old Fashioned email to your friends about the Bum Rush for AoC.
  9. Create a podcast or video and upload to Youtube or other streaming video site (Maybe David Brazeal can do a special edition). Again be sure to share the link so everyone can give the video views and mark it with a high rating 

Ryunosuke Satoro once said,

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

The same is true with all of the actions on this list. By ourselves they will do very little, but together we can make waves.


Age of Conversation Bum Rush Badge

Age of Conversation Bum Rush Update: New Date of January 5For anyone who wants to add some Bum Rush flair to their blog or website, have I got something for you. I’ve designed a badge and provided the HTML code that can be easily copied and pasted. Right now the badge links to this post, but feel free to change it to a post that you’ve written about the Bum Rush event.

If you need any help with the code or have any problems just let me know and I will do my help you get the Bum Rush “bling bling” added to your site.

Just copy and past the code below:

Join the Age of Conversation Bum Rush on January 5th


What You Can Do Right Now

  1. Spread the word – Surely you are connected to people outside of your marketing cronies. Start talking, hence the word conversation in the title.
  2. Add the Join the Rush Badge to your Blog or Web page. (Just copy and paste the HTML code above.)
  3. Blog about It – Make sure everyone gets the word that the Bum Rush will be rescheduled.
  4. Play – Hopefully you will have some time off over the holidays. Take some time to play with social media sites. Make connections.
  5. Join the Facebook Group – This is a great way to connect with all of the AOC writers and fans. You can join the group here.
  6. Become an AOC Fan on Facebook – Show your love for AOC. Yet another awesome way to connect with AOC writers and fans. Join AOC fan page here.
  7. Add AOC to Wikipedia – Any experts on Wikipedia guidlines? Made to Stick is a good example of what can be included.

I would love to hear any ideas or additions you can make to this list.