Hold Off The Age of Conversation Bum Rush Mob

Calm your itchy little mouse-clicking fingers and hold off on the blog posts. We are going to have to reschedule the Age of Conversation Bum Rush.

I know. I know. You have been anticipating this for weeks now. I was rearing to go myself. In fact, I and was about to post an update preparing everyone for the big day when I received an email from Drew McLellan explaining that he and Gavin Heaton have been “scrambling to jump through Amazon’s hoops” and that the book has finally been accepted. The only problem is that it looks as though the book won’t be making the site before December 14th.

So we are going to have to push the bum rush back, and with the holidays nearing it may be hard for some to participate if we reschedule any later in the month.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Instead of having a year end push for the book, lets start 2008 off with a blowout! Let’s bring back the buzz that once was (this time bigger than ever).

Saturday January 5th will be our new date for the Age of Conversation Social Media Bum Rush.

And when the day comes, don’t think we are going to just sit and watch the ranking of a book on Amazon. We are going to start a conversation.

What You Can Do Right Now

  1. Spread the word – Surely you are connected to people outside of your marketing cronies. Start talking…hence the word “conversation” in the title.
  2. Blog about It – Make sure everyone gets the word that the Bum Rush will be rescheduled.
  3. Play – Hopefully you will have some time off over the holidays. Take some time to play with social media sites. Make connections.
  4. Join the Facebook Group – This is a great way to connect with all of the AOC writers and fans. You can join the group here.
  5. Become an AOC Fan on Facebook – Show your love for AOC. Yet another awesome way to connect with AOC writers and fans. Join AOC fan page here.
  6. Add AOC to Wikipedia – Any experts on Wikipedia guidlines? Made to Stick is a good example of what can be included.