PressRelease, I'm starting to feel like a politician that makes a lot of promises and can't seem to keep any of them.

I’m starting to feel like a politician, making a load of promises that I can’t seem to keep (very fitting for ’08).

The Age of Conversation Bum Rush, which was scheduled for Saturday the Jan. 5th, has been delayed yet again and due to the holiday pileup at Amazon, we don’t have an ETA on exactly when the book will be arriving on the site.

Instead of making more promises that I can’t keep (and looking like a fool doing it), I’m not going to set a new date for the bum rush until we know exactly when the book will hit Amazon shelfs. So please stay tuned!

The rush must go on!

(For any one not familiar with the bum rush event, you can get the rundown and a badge for your site at Age of Conversation Bum Rush: Update & Starter Kit)