Brand marketing is one of the best ways to generate interest in your business and grow your audience, and one of the biggest audiences on the web are using video content. Billions of videos are watched every day, and more and more big name brands are turning to online video content rather than spending millions of dollars on TV ad campaigns.


Small businesses who don’t have millions of dollars to spare: don’t worry! You can find inspiration from the following four examples of great video marketing and start to plan your own campaigns. Whatever your industry, there are amazing stories to tell.



You would expect with McDonald’s mass budgets that their promotional videos would be full of exciting explosions and special effects, but the fast-food giant does a superb job of telling stories, which is what video content should be about. In the UK, their educational content in regards to their chicken nuggets is fun and clever, and the US ‘Speechless’ campaign (30 seconds of celebrities enjoying a burger in silence, very funny) is genius. Informative and smart, the way video content should be, and the video content is certainly changing consumer’s minds about the chain.



One of the biggest and best betting companies around, Unibet have smashed it with their video campaigns, especially when it came to the Euro 2016 championships in football. They have just launched a new campaign for the upcoming Russia 2018 world cup, which is proving just as successful. Marketing Week reported on the last campaign in 2016, where Unibet revealed that, instead of blowing money on big TV ad campaigns like other betting companies, they focussed on YouTube, and had huge success as a result.


Victoria’s Secret

One for the ladies; Victoria’s Secret is one of the biggest lingerie brands in the world, and their YouTube channel shows how the commercial industry has changed, with their adverts being posted directly to YouTube, where the majority of people will watch them, subscribe to their channel, and continue to watch them. Their content is a mixture of ads, helpful beauty and workout tips and behind the scenes videos from their modeling campaigns. They currently have 1.4 million subscribers.


Red Bull

The energy drink brand Red Bull is a great example of how a brand that could seemingly struggle to create a long-term video content strategy has instead used the ethos of their brand ‘Red Bull gives you wings.’ They created some amazing videos covering events they have attended to all manner of extreme sports, including snowboarding, surfing and mountain biking, with their focus on high energy, no-pain-no-gain style content. They have over seven million subscribers online, and each of their videos is shot in a high-octane, thrilling style, which generates tens of thousands of views each time.


What these video campaign successes show businesses of all shapes and sizes is simple: every business has a story to tell, and there is no such thing as a ‘boring’ industry. Ricky Gervais made millions from creating a comedy series about the day-to-day running of an office, so there’s no reason why your business can’t find something within your brand to form the basis of a fun and engaging video campaign. Get forming those ideas today, and start filming.