Having your own company is an achievement that should make you feel proud and successful. However, it’s never a wise idea to assume that your work is done or to settle for mediocre. There’s always going to be a competitor out there who is watching you and on your heels waiting to steal customers away from you.

What you can do to feel more secure in your position is to implement strategies that are going to take your small business from good to great. Now is the perfect time to step back and analyze what you’re currently doing and pinpoint ways for how you can improve going forward.

  1. Invest in Your Future

You have to be willing to spend money to make money these days. It’s in your best interest to proactively invest in your company’s future and plan ahead for any growth. If you need money for specific projects such as innovation or marketing, then check out the different solutions offered at Bonsai Finance. Doing so will help to ensure you have the funds you need to be able to transform your business from good to great in the years to come. Avoid letting money hold you back from taking calculated risks and doing what’s necessary to make forward progress at your company.

  1. Engage on Social Media

One space you definitely want to be occupying these days is on the social media platforms, taking the time to engage with your target audience. Propose interesting questions, collect user-generated content and share high-quality blog posts that keep the attention of your followers. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to build your brand reputation and get your products or services in front of a large number of people in a short amount of time. Be sure you follow best practices so that you can continue to grow your audience and attract people to your business.

  1. Hire Wisely

Bringing just anybody onboard at your company will make it difficult for you to reach your goals. You need the right employees in the right positions if you’re going to be able to transform your small business from good to great. Spend time writing out roles and responsibilities and reviewing resumes and interviewing potential candidates, so you’re comfortable with your final selections. Track performance and hold performance review meetings so you can quickly observe who are meeting or exceeding your expectations and identify those who are falling short. Who you have behind you on your team is going to make a huge difference in how your company does over the long-term.

  1. Launch A Website & Blog

Get your small business online as soon as possible if you want to transform your company from good to great. Start by launching a functional and attractive website that consumers can use to gather more data and learn more about you. Include important details such as contact information and highlight your best products or services and why someone would want to work with you. Also, use a company blog to show your expertise in your industry and as a way to give back to consumers. Be sure to respond to any comments your readers leave and try to draw them into wanting to discover more about what you’re offering.

  1. Focus on Mobile Improvements

In the digital era, just about everyone owns a smartphone, and more and more people are choosing to shop online. You can transform your business from good to great by focusing on mobile improvements. For instance, make sure your website is responsive and easy to read and use on a cell phone screen and think about launching an app for your users. The better your company can deliver in this area and meet customer expectations, the better your chances of getting ahead and surpassing your competitors. Not being prepared to do business over a mobile phone may be hurting your sales and opportunities for future growth.

  1. Gather Feedback from Customers

It’s not only important to start doing more of what you’re good at, but to also stay away from and stop doing what’s broken or doesn’t work. You can collect further insights into what you should be focusing on the most by gathering feedback from your customers. Take your business from good to great by learning more about what it is you’re executing on properly and areas that are giving you the most trouble. Your clients want to be heard so provide them with the opportunity to share their viewpoints and then be prepared to implement changes based on their responses. Avoid playing guessing games and go right to the source so you know exactly what you’re doing well and what can be improved upon.

  1. Collect Online Reviews

Transform your business from good to great by having your satisfied customers do the talking for you. Consumers want to know about experiences other consumers had with your business and not what you think about your business. Take the time to collect online reviews and put in the effort to make sure you’re delivering on your promise and that people are leaving positive feedback remarks about your company. Many shoppers won’t even consider handing over their hard-earned money to businesses until they feel confident that they’ll be receiving value in return and will feel happy with their purchase. Spend time reading through these comments and use this data to help you take your company to the next level.


Going from good to great isn’t an easy task, but it is possible with the right approach and mindset. These are a few practical ways for how you can quickly get to a better place with your business so you can sleep more soundly at night. Start making a list of what you want to focus on and then put your initiatives in priority order so you can begin to tackle them and see the results you desire. Remember to stay focused and to keep pushing forward even in the face of adversity and when experiencing challenges.