When to Post to Facebook and Twitter

When to post content is an often overlooked aspect of online brand strategies. Event if you post killer content, if you post it at the wrong time, when a majority of your audience isn’t watching, or interested in engaging, then you are basically stacking the deck against yourself.

This infographic from Raka looks at click-throughs as a specific measurement for determining the best days of the weeks and times for posting content to both Facebook and Twitter. There are other measurements to take note of when planning your content scheduling strategy, for example in a study that I shared recently shows how on Facebook user engagement actions shift over the course of a day.

So you have to know what you are trying to achieve. If your goal is to drive traffic to a specific link, then this is a good starting place, but if you are looking to increase your awareness or spread a specific message across these networks (that doesn’t involve linking) then you may go a different route.

Above all, remember that every fanbase/audience is different. So test and learn from responses from your fanbase.

Best Time of Day to Post Links to Facebook and Twitter

Via: Raka Creative