Category: Human Talk

Human Talk: Why?

Here’s a surefire way to start talking to your customers like a real human being in 2009. Hold a company “why” day. Take time out from the daily grind to question everything you do. Create a safe, honest and...

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Human Talk: Airlines

As we near the end of summer here in the States, and many are in the middle of what is a heavy traveling season. Whether its for a vacation with the family, a conference or workshop, or just business as usual. Many of you have...

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Human Talk: Innocent

Innocent and their “little tasty drinks” have been on the Human Talk radar for quite sometime now thanks to Rohit Bhargava (also discussed in Personality Not Included) and David Taylor. If you’re not familiar...

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Human Talk: Language

Meet Ravi. No matter what language you speak, there is a good chance that he can speak it (at least well enough to sell you a peacock fan). Rohit Bhargava from the Influential Marketing Blog, points to these amazing videos. As...

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Human Talk: Service Hoops

Today’s Human Talk comes straight from a Chris Brogan rant: Dear companies providing customer service: Yes, I know it’s cheaper that I use your website, and I’m really smart, so normally your website might even...

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Human Talk: Juiced

Seth shows us how we’re sucking all the juice out. I’m attracted to this idea, not only for the obvious citrus connections, but because it matches up perfectly with the underlying concepts behind the Human Talk...

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Human Talk: Improvise

When you know it, improvise. Put down the sales script. Drop all those unnecessary bullet points from the presentation. Don’t be afraid to pull in examples from around you. Put the pieces together to fit the situation here...

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Human Talk: Personality

Bill Gammell of ÜberEye Marketing snapped this photo on his cell phone because it reminded of the sign from Human Talk: Hand Tossed. It works because it is an accurate reflection of the Chili’s fun personality and talks in...

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