Monocle Personal Note to Diego Rodriguez

Metacool’s Diego Rodriguez tells of how he was delighted to receive a complimentary issue of Monocle after he had mistakenly let his subscription lapse. The unique “Human Talk” aspect of this gesture was the attached note taped to the top of the issue.

Monocle Personal Note 2 to Diego Rodriguez

Instead of sending out the complimentary issue stuffed full of “renew your subscription” cards, Monocle decided to add a personal/human touch to make sure Diego knew they realized his subscription was up, but that he could easily renew online. Diego describes how important these seemingly small touches can be in creating a memorable experience:

When it comes to caring about all the little things that add up to a superior experience, this little flap is extremely telling of the care that has been poured in to the Monocle brand.

Here’s your challenge for today. Put yourself in your customers shoes. Now choreograph every experience customers have with your brand. Make sure you go through everything, the good, bad and the ugly. This means everything from successful transactions to those ticked off on the customer service lines.

Where can you add a touch of delight?


This post is part of the Human Talk series. 

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