Your best friend is someone who has been there for you through the proverbial thick and thin and, as a result, her first or even second pregnancy will be something you will go through together.

When tasked with organizing her baby shower, you will no doubt want to make it as sentimental and simultaneously spectacular as possible so, with that being said, continue reading to discover how to organize the ultimate baby shower for your pregnant best friend.

It’s Best Not To Keep Her In The Dark Entirely!

Although the nuances, décor and even overall theme of your best friend’s baby shower is obviously going to be kept as a surprise from her right up until the moment she walks in,

However, in terms of the guest list and perhaps even the location, it might be an idea just to casually check in with her to check she likes the venue and that there is no one you’re thinking of potentially inviting that she is only friends with because it’s easier than speaking her true feelings.

Take The Pressure Off!

Instead of hurriedly trying to organize a load of booze, soft drinks, spirits and all related mixers, instead take the pressure off by hiring the services of professional and experienced event bartenders, who will literally bring everything you could possibly imagine that can be consumed that is of liquid consistency straight to your venue at a time that suits you.

Theme Is Everything!

No baby shower is complete without a specific theme, ideally personalized to the mommy-to-be and, even more ideally, something unusual and somewhat outside of the proverbial box.

A selection of more unique and quirky theme suggestions for the upcoming baby shower include for example:

  • Round The World Travel Theme (with passport shaped invitations)
  • Harry Potter Theme
  • Game Of Thrones Theme
  • Circus And Fairground Theme
  • Las Vegas Showgirls Theme
  • 1990’s Pop Theme

Naturally all the table décor and wall decorations should be entirely in keeping with the theme you choose and ideally, the theme should be stated right from the beginning with the shape and style of the baby shower invitations.

Enlist Some Help With The Planning!

No matter how adept and experienced you are at organizing and planning a party, the fact remains that, no matter how strictly you think you are sticking to the budget and no matter how much advance notice you give your best friend’s family members and friends, there will always be certain plans that go awry and more than a couple ‘spanners in the works’.

Other top tips and advice when planning your best friend’s baby shower include the early organizing of musical entertainment or baby-related games, finding out how much and when you can begin decorating the venue and arranging or at least researching appropriate travel arrangements and local and available hotels for any guests of the baby shower who live further afield.