If you work within the business sector, it is likely that you have heard about the recent boom in job openings for analytics careers. If you are uncertain whether a career in analytics is right for you, here is a compilation of some of the top reasons why pursuing a career in analytics might be a great decision for your future in business.

Become Invaluable to Employers

One of the major reasons why you should pursue a career in analytics is that you will soon become invaluable to employers. This can give you competitive benefits, a great workplace, and a position of responsibility. Not only this, but becoming invaluable to employers will allow you to have a choice of different workplaces and will enable you to maintain a feeling of purpose and ensure that you have a challenging and fulfilling job role on a daily basis. Aston University Online has compiled a list of reasons why employers need data scientists and business analysts working for their firm, and this includes allowing them to save money and to connect with their target audience. 

In-Demand in a Range of Industries

Data scientist job openings have grown by 37% in four years.

Not only this, but business analysts are in-demand across the business sector, enabling you to work for a great number of industries, from the financial sector and investment industries, to large household brands, and even new SMEs. This enables you to find a job position that you are interested in, with a wide range of different opportunities that will allow you to find an option that suits both you and the skills which you have in place. Not only this, but this demand is expected to increase over time due to the future focus on digitization and online platforms.

Constantly Innovating and Developing

8 in 10 organizations are increasing their big data spend, meaning that more data science roles will be focused on this.

Due to the responsibilities, of business analysts, their roles are constantly innovating and developing to match changes in the industry and to stay in line with the latest technological advances. For instance, in the future, there is likely to be an increased focus on elements of technology such as Big Data and the IoT when it comes to analysis. This is because these factors have started to change the way that we collect and analyze business data and create statistics.

Can Help Other Businesses to Succeed

However, one of the great positives of working as an analytics expert is that you will be taking active steps to help other businesses in many industries to succeed. If you want to see effective change within the business sector, or simply enjoy using your expertise to help other professionals, as a business analyst, a number of roles, such as business consultants, do exactly this. This can give your job meaning and can allow you to work with other businesses and professionals on a daily basis, especially since many analysts will be working with many businesses to improve their operations at one time.

Can Have Increased Responsibility in the Workplace

The top analytics companies in the world include Microsoft and Salesforce. However, you can also work for an individual company, or for yourself.

If you are finding that your current job role isn’t the responsibility that you crave, or that your manager is failing to delegate effectively or entrust their staff with more than basic tasks, you should consider becoming a business analyst. Business analysts have a lot of decision-making power within businesses, and can even help to instruct managers of the processes that they need to improve and the steps that they can take to do this. This will allow you to implement positive change and sway the way that businesses are run on a daily basis.

Competitive Salary

The income for a business analyst reaches more than $79,000, although these numbers are higher in cities such as Washington D.C., where averages stretch to around $90,000.

That being said, if your priorities are solely financial, you will not be disappointed either. Due to the highly-skilled nature of the role and the fact that this career path is relatively recent, analytics careers have competitive salaries that are higher than those for other, similar careers, such as IT professionals, even though it uses the same skills, such as computer skills, math and problem-solving. In fact, if you decide to open your own consultancy business, you will be in charge of your own wage at all times.