Technology is an inspiring subject. No matter what your passions or vocations are these days, there is now electronic and computing technology creeping its way into your chosen industry. While there has been some resistance to the advance of technology, and concern about the impact it might have on people’s livelihoods, it has generally greatly improved the lives and safety of those who make use of it.

So, no matter what background or walk of life you come from, there will be some pieces of tech out there which are relevant to your life. This is good news for the world of tech journalism, as it means that there is no shortage of people, some with rather niche knowledge, who are looking to share their passion for the tech that has most impacted their lives.

However, writing quality tech content requires more than a personal interest. In many ways, mainstream tech journalism took a long time to gain credibility, and many would argue that it has always been most credible in the hands of everyday users rather than journalists.

Here are some top words of advice from an experienced tech writer on how you can make your work stand out.

Find Your Voice

The first few pieces of journalism and content that you write won’t be very good. That’s part of being a writer. You have to suck for a while, but how you use that time will have a big impact on your future. You need to be prepared for those first pieces to show you where you’re going wrong more than where you’re going right. The things you do well will continue to develop with you.

Don’t Forget Women

Historically, video game culture has been aggressively male. This is not so much the case now and it isn’t unusual for women to play video games as well. However, there are still overtones of sexism in much of the coverage surrounding the tech world. This is a problem that we can all help to address.

When writing tech articles, avoid assuming the gender of the reader. While there are certain pieces of technology that men and women either use differently or have a different experience with, the majority of technology is not gender-specific and so your content should be suitable for both men and women.

Write What You Know

There’s no sense in trying to wing it as a tech journalist. You will very quickly be outed by your savvier readers and you will destroy your credibility in the process. It’s OK to learn new things as you go, but you should always be honest with your readers when you are writing about something you’ve only just started learning about.

It is possible to focus on just one or two subjects while still producing varied and worthwhile content. You can see an example of this at, where the focus is on gaming, but the range of topics discussed within that subject is varied.

Writing great tech content is more about passion and compassion than anything else. Above all else make sure that you keep writing and write what you love.