Social Media Wave

A well-trained boxer or martial artist knows the value of a one-two step combination during a match. A jab-hook or punch-kick combo at a pivotal moment of any battle can easily seal the deal and wrap things up without any further delay. The same principle can easily apply to using your eCommerce shopping cart to seal the deal when converting your customers. However, instead of using a jab-kick, you want to use the blog-shopping cart method for a number of different reasons.

Keep the Customers Informed

By using quality content throughout your blog, you will be able to keep your customers and interested prospects informed and educated. They will come to view your website as more than just a forceful sales machine that simply wants to process sales through online shopping carts. Instead, they’ll view it more as a great resource that provides them with everything they need to know. Even if they don’t buy anything, they will continue to visit your website primarily to stay informed, which provides you with a long-term interaction between your brand and your target audience, according to Search Engine Land. Keeping a blog up to date and fresh take effort, but even a few posts a week will keep your customers and potential customers coming back for more.

Relieve the Pressure of Purchasing

As mentioned earlier, another advantage to consider is that including a blog within your shopping cart will take the pressure of purchasing off of the average consumer. They will see that you care about providing them with all of the resourceful information, advice and guidance that is relevant to your respective industry without the attached strings of purchase obligations. By providing your customers with free access to this information without any restrictions or limitations, you will make it easier for more people to become interested in actually paying to receive even more. Connecting with the customer through providing this information without obligation brings a measure of transparency to your company and creates a reputation for caring more about the ongoing relationship with the customer than making a quick buck from a one-time sale; however, for first-time entrepreneurs with little  knowledge of setting up a perfectly well-executed shopping cart companies like Shopify can take the stress off of them, by providing them with the means to make a positive impact on the psyche of the consumer.

Maximize Exposure through Social Media

Maximizing exposure to your company’s online presence in general should remain a top priority, which is yet another reason why you take full advantage of implementing a blog within online shopping carts. It will allow you to give your prospective and existing customers something to share and talk about with their online friends and acquaintances. Studies have confirmed that more consumers respond well to a brand if they are provided with high-quality content that is interesting and informative all at the same time. It will give you a chance to strengthen your own social media networks and inspire more and more people to talk about your website as well as what your company has to offer. With many platforms to choose from, you will want to research which ones your target demographic is using, or you could choose several that appeal to a cross section of several different demographics.

Provide Your Customers with Reassurance

Making the decision to purchase products and services from an eCommerce company is not always the easiest decision to make, especially if a consumer is relatively new to the process in general. You need to make things as easy as possible for them by reassuring them that they’re doing the right thing. Through the high-quality content of your blog you will be able to establish yourself as a credible and trustworthy expert within your respective industry. Using this tool along with maintaining transparency and clarity within online shopping carts allows brands and businesses to reassure their customers and increase their comfort and confidence when it comes to finalizing sales in the long run. One of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment is a lack of trust in the security of the payment gateway; by keeping your affiliations transparent and talking up the reputation of your merchant services the customer can feel more at ease with the transaction.

Increase Sales with the Power of the Combo

Allowing a blog to work right alongside your shopping cart is the best way to win more battles against your competition when it comes to reeling in those customers and clients. You can provide them with the information that they need upfront and then convince them to invest in your services through your shopping cart. On the other hand, they may already be interested in purchasing through your cart but will be knocked out by the reassuring content that is both informative and effective within the corresponding blog as well. A blog can be as effective as a face-to-face meeting, or a phone call, letting your personality and expertise shine through in a way that simply can’t be conveyed by a generic eCommerce website. Use the one-two combo wisely in order to convert more window shoppers into customers and drive your revenue through the roof.