Business Card Stack

Business cards. The tried and true networking/marketing tool.

No matter how many times you’ve probably heard that business cards are dead, they just keep fighting and crazily enough – evolving. After all, all a business card does is provide basic contact information on small, easily pocketable, sized card. How do you innovate on something as simple as a small informational card?

Well the first answer to that question is: You don’t have to. I find business cards to still be a very useful and tangible tool. Although these days business cards are probably more disposable than they once were, they create an easy way to share a small branding piece of your company and yourself.

Here are some nice examples of creative and memorable business cards. Take a look at these before you print business cards:

Second Hand Store Business Card

Dentist Business Card

Fitness Trainer Business Card

Dentist Business Card 2

Oil Change Business Card


Secondly, as I mentioned before, business cards have evolved with the advent of technologies like augmented reality and QR codes, for example. Both of these technologies provide a way to include more than the basic contact information on a business card.

Here are some great examples of AR business cards in action:

Video Presentation AR Incorporated


Cube Presentation by Fullscreen


3D Video in AR Business Card