Last week I was given the opportunity to participate in OpenBeta3, which is becoming quite the local Oklahoma City tech conference. In it’s third year running, OpenBeta delivered a great lineup stacked full of great speakers and content for anyone interested in startups and technology.

This year featured an awesome collection of technology demos, most notably a soon to be released iPhone app called Audio Footnote, which lets users record and attach audio notes to podcasts and audiobooks. The keynote featured Josh Williams, the CEO and founder of Alamofire, the creators of Gowalla and the Facebook app, Packrat.

The tradition after the keynote is a rapid fire series of Lightening Talks, which is a lot like the PechaKucha 20×20, where each speaker delivers a talk on a set of 20 slides in 5-minutes. My talk was a quick look at an idea that I’ve been brewing for a while. I call it Micro-Pulse: how small touches impact the heartbeat of your brand.

The idea is that in a world with an unlimited amount of brand touchpoints, some in a brands control and many not, and the fact that consumers can interact with a brand whenever and wherever they want to, every touch matters. I credit the birth of this idea to David Armano and his Micro-Interactions presentation.

In this very short form the idea is still ripe, but I’ve posted the slides below. I welcome your thoughts.

View the slideshow: Micro-Pulse

Do you have any personal examples of how small brand touches have made a big impact on you?

Have you seen this in action in social media?