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Ever since Gatorade’s mystery Mission G site surfaced earlier last week, I’ve been curious as to what they were planning for Super Bowl Sunday. Well, about 15 minutes ago, at least part of that mystery was answered.

During their What G Means Super Bowl spot, they directed viewers to Mission G.

After digging around a bit it looks like it is going to be Gatorade’s attempt at a full-bown advertainment community site.

Here’s the description from the about page on the site:

Mission G is an online network, the first portal of its kind in the world of sports that offers original content, entertainment programming and social networking. Mission G delivers an authentic experience of sports culture grounded in the many expressions of sports: from the professional athlete in the Big Leagues through action in Underground to weekend warriors on the Work It channel to the sports style mavens on the Keep it 100 channel. Mission G taps into sports entertainment programming in a way that nobody else does by catering to anybody with an interest in sports, anywhere at anytime.

If someone had told me a day ago what Gatorade was planning to do, I would have been very skeptical. Thoughts of another brand pulling a would have come to mind. Surprisingly though, the content on the site is top notch.

I’ve included a couple of my favorites so far. (Kudos to Gatorade for making everything easy to share.)

Quest for G

(Watch The Quest for G)

Leave It On The Floor
Gatorade Leave it On The Floor Mission G

Blokhedz Trailer

Gatorade Blokhedz Mission G

It will be interesting to see how this endevor fares for Gatorade. If they can continue to put out this level of content, I have little doubt they will draw people to the site. The question is what are their plans from here? Will it help them sell Gatorade? Or is this a new business venture for the brand?

What do you think?