Video Game Industry

Whether you’re a Guitar Hero Rock God, or if the extent of your gaming experience goes about as far as a game of computerized solitaire, it’s time to get to know the video gaming industry and it’s full potential.

Gaming has evolved quite a bit over the decades. The gaming industry of today is far what it was in the days of Pong and Arkanoid, but it’s some of the more recent developments that marketers should take note of.

With advancements in the interactive experience of gaming, previously separate areas of life are now starting to overlap with the gaming world. Games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are on fire because of the way they bring the culture of the music industry into gaming. Not only can you listen to some of your favorite rock music, but you can become a member of the band and interact with the music experience in ways you never could before. I imagine games embracing Hip/Hop and Rap cultures aren’t far behind.

Nintendo’s Wii Fit is an even better example, as it fuses together activities that were previously thought to be in conflict, video games and physical fitness, and creates a seamless step-by-step program for anyone wanting to improve their physical health.

Things really start to get interesting when you imagine the possibilities for how other sections of life could overlap the gaming industry.

  • What’s keeping Apple and Nike+ from adding a level of game play to their community for runners?
  • How long before major food brands like Kraft or Nabisco create a game that mashes the world of cooking with gaming? (featuring branded recipes of course)
  • Why couldn’t gaming platforms be leveraged as training methods for Do-it-Yourselfers?

We’re moving closer and closer towards a connected way of life. Only the brands that understand this will survive, and you can be certain that gaming will play a large role in that life.

A Short History

So you want to get to know the video game industry? Start with this video by Kyle Downes, which artfully presents a short visual history of video games.  

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A few more facts and figures about the gaming industry: