Christmas Pickle

You don’t have to look any further than the Christmas pickle if you want a seasonal example of how the evolution of myths and stories around a brand, can drive word of mouth, and in this case has create some unusual family traditions.

Legend has it, that after the tree is completely decorated, the pickle ornament was hung by parents deep in the branches of the Christmas tree where only the most observant of the children could find it. The first child to find the pickle would receive a special treat or extra present.

There are numerous variations on this myth. Some say it is of German origin, others Bavarian-American. But regardless of where the story originated or how the story is told, it’s the ongoing evolution of the story and the mysterious details that keeps it alive and well.

And as the Firehouse agency in Dallas has exhibited, take a folk tradition and mix it with popular culture, and you get something hilariously bizarre. (Thanks Zack)

(Click to watch The Carol of the Christmas Pickle)

Merry Christmas Peelers!