Connected Guy with Signal

As we move further and further into the digital age, we continue to push towards, a connected way of life.


A Connected Way of Life

In the future every aspect of our lives will become fully connected. There won’t be much thought about the connection itself, because it will be a constant driver and connector of our everyday activities. No matter how connected you think you are right now, in the future there will be a more integrated and complete connection than anyone can experience right now. It doesn’t matter how many times you check your email, how many bills you have automatically paid online, or how often you are on Twitter. We have only scratched the surface of what’s possible with a connected way of life.

For example, this is how a simple grocery list might function in a totally connected world: All the items added to a running grocery list can be seen and contributed to by everyone in a family. With the push of a button, any member of the family can signal the grocery store telling them they will be dropping by to pickup the groceries at a certain time, or even better yet, what time the groceries need to be delivered to the family’s home. Continuing this futuristic grocery shopping vision even farther, a totally connected world might even include a refrigerator that signals the grocery store and the family when the milk is almost out.

One of the biggest things that a connected way of life will bring is a converged sources for media. Television shows won’t come out of a box that sits in a certain location. In fact, TV probably won’t be called TV anymore. Media will be on demand. We will watch it, listen to it, experience it, when we want to, where we want to.


Driving this Connection 

Tiny iPhoneFully loaded and connected devices such as smartphones, PDA’s, ultra-thin notebooks, and easily other easily transportable forms of technology are driving this movement towards a connected way of life. The ability to connect with these devices from anywhere is the first step towards moving the online experience from something we do in one location (sitting at the computer) and turning it into a constant pulse that is integrated with our lives.


Brands Must Adapt  

As we enter into this connected way of life, brands will have to adapt. Consumers will start expecting brands to bring more and more touchpoints into their connected circle, and if a brand doesn’t become a part of the circle then it might as well not exist.


What do you think a connected way of life will look like in the future?