The Age of Conversation Bum Rush

From the beginning, I’ve called this The Age of Conversation Social Media Bum Rush. I specifically inserted the words “social media” because I knew that success of the movement would hinge upon the ability of the existing community surrounding The Age of Conversation, to come together and push beyond our immediate circle of influence, and that social media outlets would play a huge part in breaking through.

The time is almost here, for us to break through. We have the chance to ban together as one community with one common goal, a movement, if you will.

We are coming down to the wire, so now I will give you 3 things you can do to ensure that this movement is a success:

Digg and Stumble on Friday Starting at 12 Noon

We need everyone to Digg and Stumble the post launching the bum rush, starting at 12 Noon CST. This is a little bit of a change of plans, because I wasn’t going put up a post launching the event until Saturday at midnight. I have since learned some enlightening facts about the hierarchy of social sharing sites that will hopefully help us gain some mass exposure before Saturday. (Thanks to Jon Phillips of Freelance Folder.)

Buy 1 Book at a Time on Saturday

Starting on Saturday, the fun begins. Buy many copies of the book (1 at a time for maximum impact) and tell your friends to do the same. Please use this link so that we can pick up the referral fee as well. (Remember that all the proceeds and referral fees earned will be donated to Variety, The Children’s Charity.)  

Spread the Rush Starting Now

No matter who you are or what your specialty is, this is something that you can do. Do all you can to spread the word about the rush. Post to your blog, Twitter, ooVoo. Talk where ever and using whatever you want to communicate. Talk about the event, the book, your favorite author, or anything about The Age of Conversation.

You will be surprised how quickly the chatter will spread. Just this week I’ve been talking up the bum rush on Twitter (more than normal at least), and the traffic flowing to the post about the event, and clicks outgoing to the books’ listing on Amazon have jumped a good margin.


And now I will leave you with a very fitting quote from author Ryunosuke Satoro, which I have carried throughout the bum rush campaign.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.