The FonzPeelers, Online Daters and Corporate CEO’s listen up! “If you want people to like you, first decide who needs to hate you.” That’s the subhead of Chip and Dan Heath’s article titled Polarize Me, from the March issue of Fast Company. The truth is, The Fonz is a fictional character from the popular 1970’s TV show Happy Days, but you see people and companies alike, trying to be be The Fonz of their market. They walk around giving a thumbs up, saying, “Aaay!,” trying to be everything to everyone in the global market, when they should be focusing on a much smaller group. No one can be The Fonz, because he doesn’t exist. For example: You wouldn’t try to be the head of the Vegetarian Resource Group if you were the owner of Smithfield, the United States largest meatpacking plant. It just wouldn’t work and wouldn’t be even remotely effective. ———– This revolves around the same issues that I recently posted regarding risk aversion.