FiredI would hate to be the salesperson that helped Seth Godin today at the Westchester Toyota dealership. Little did he know that his poor performance would be known allover blog world in minutes when Seth returned to his computer. With the large audience Seth has, I wouldn’t be surprised if this salesperson was looking for new employment tomorrow. Read about Seth’s experience he titled “Good is not almost as good as great.” I’m sure the dealership doesn’t appreciate the bad publicity either.

This just goes to show that every customer counts, and if anything can motivate you to get in this mindset, then the idea of popular avid bloggers walking among us should do the trick (not to mention that in Seth’s case, we are talking about a nationally know author and public speaker). You never know who you are dealing with.

From a marketing standpoint, a lesson to be learned, is that often the strongest messages are presented to customers one-on-one through employees in sales and customer service.