At the end of 2021, my wife and I entered a new and exciting side venture. We became the owners of a mountain vacation rental property in Red River, New Mexico.

Red River, New Mexico

Red River, New Mexico has a very long history as a vacation spot. Families have traveled to Red River as a mountain getaway spot since the 1930s. Once you visit you will immediately see why visiting the small mountain town has become a yearly tradition for many families.

Located in the northern part of the Enchanted Circle, the town of Red River is the perfect place to start any mountain adventure. No matter your pace in life, your interests or hobbies, there is something for you. During the spring, summer, and fall there are endless opportunities to explore, hike, fish, ride, bike, or climb. And during the winter months, you have access to some of the best snow sports in the country. 

The location of the rental property was perfect. It was only a few minutes from the town of Red River, but far enough away to create a mountain getaway experience for guests. The demand in the area was already there and had been for years, we just needed to capitalize on it. This created an opportunity for me to flex some of my small business branding and marketing skills that I haven’t tapped into in years.

Carson Cabin

The former owners had rented the property for a little over 2 years prior and it had decent recognition among frequent travelers to Red River. They named the property, Carson Cabin because the Carson National Forest is the backyard. Carson Cabin is a unique mountainside cabin vacation rental in Red River, New Mexico that is uniquely surrounded by ponderosa pine trees on the side of a mountain. We felt that the name Carson Cabin was very fitting.

In addition to some remodeling work at the cabin itself, the property needed some branding work that put an exclamation point on the unique features that it had to offer.

Carson Cabin vacation rental Logo
Carson Cabin Logo

The logo was designed to be simple and easy to utilize on multiple mediums. We wanted it to emphasize the location of the cabin and how it is surrounded by trees. 

I look forward to growing the reputation of the Carson Cabin brand over the next few years. Look for future updates.