Marketing and branding products goes beyond just creating a clever slogan and a few good ads for print and web. What many startups tend to forget is that branding is a big part of the deal as well. Perhaps this is because these new companies do not really understand the branding concept.

Here are a few simple steps to making branding work for you:

Create a Lasting and Compelling Logo

Naming the company or products goes a long way, and so does the logo that’s attached to it. You want the logo to be memorable, yet also leave a lasting impression on the memory of anyone who sees it. Some of the most successful logos are simple in design, but say a lot about the company. Look at Apple. If their logo was just a simple apple, it would be ordinary. What makes the logo recognizable and memorable is the fact that someone took a bite out of it. While it is still a simple logo, it has a lasting effect in memory. It also reflects the name of the company in an obvious, yet simple way.

Build Relationships with Customers

One of the best ways to improve the rating and credibility of your brand is by building strong relationships with customers. There are a few important factors that go into building this relationship.

  • Honesty in services. You would be surprised how many companies build up the expectations of the products or services higher than they actually can deliver. Keep the expectations right where they should be with honest service and communication. Customers respect companies who give them exactly what they wanted (or more) a lot more than they do companies who make big claims and can’t carry through.
  • Excellence in customer service. While this may seem like an obvious statement, many companies don’t build a strong enough customer service model for the employees to follow. The result is customers getting different service from different people in the same company.

Remember that the way that customers perceive your business, and the manner with which your business conducts itself, will lend directly toward the success of your brand.

Step Outside the Box

Innovative and creative companies are the ones who leave the strongest impact on both past and future customers. Innovation comes from more than technology. It is a creative process that is fresh and attention grabbing. Don’t allow your company to get stuck in the traditional branding box. Find new ways to market yourself and promote your products.

Instead of putting your products on a shelf and waiting for customers to come along and find them, use counter displays and other innovative techniques to grab their attention. Customers are drawn to color and vivid imagery. Take advantage of that. Just make sure you are consistent with the way you brand yourself. Every display doesn’t have to look the same, but there should be clear parallels between them.

These displays are also mobile, so next time you attend a convention, you can make the most of the convention by taking these displays with you.

No matter how you approach the branding process, remember these important tips:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Be innovative and vivid.
  • Be honest with expectations.

Stick with these ideas and your brand will begin to build itself.