Have you wondered why several companies such as Netflix, Paypal, Trello, Uber, GoDaddy, LinkedIn, Walmart, ebay are vouching or should I say evangelizing with the concept of Node.js development? Well, as the title suggests, the following post focuses on how Node.js development is beneficial for startups but I say it’s not just the startups who can avail Node.js benefits.

I recently happened to stumble upon an interesting post that says due to the fact that it is developed in JS, the world ‘s most prominent technology—Node enables the creation of several enterprises. It’s unsurprising that it ‘s become a hugely popular innovation that several businesses have adopted.

By adopting the best Node.js practices, several leading firms have overcome a variety of operational issues. Some are platform-specific, while some are resource-specific. Netflix, Paypal, and LinkedIn are some of the companies using Node.JS, they have all claimed to conserve up to 60% on page loading, as noted via Hackernoon. Now before we proceed with how Node.js is beneficial in the long run. Let us go through the few basics of Node.js development.

Introducing the Node.js Development Realm

What is Node.js? I am sure you will come across a wide range of definitions. For example, Wikipedia says – Node.js is a cross-platform, open-source server environment that can run on Windows, Linux, Unix, macOS, and more. Node.js is a back-end JavaScript runtime environment, runs on the V8 JavaScript Engine, and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser.

In addition, Node.js is one such framework that allows developers to create both frontend and backend applications. In fact, Node.js offers high-end scalability, best learning curve, great speed of development, high-end community and a lot more. So if you are planning to develop real-time applications, streaming applications, messaging apps, chat programs, social media apps, virtual emulators, collaboration tools, API, look no further than Node.js development.

Top Companies using Node.js


One of the top companies using Node.js technology is LinkedIn. Of course, not just Node.js, LinkedIn uses a plethora of other technologies but this one has been intact and supportive over years. In fact, have you ever used LinkedIn’s mobile application? Node.js is chosen for seamless backend transactions.


Another interesting company that has been known and spoken about worldwide is Netflix. The video-streaming platform has reached more than 130 million subscribers and to be precise, handling tons and tons of hours of weekly data video streaming is not an easy job. So if you are considering an extremely scalable solution then this is it! Prior to Node.js, Netflix used NodeQuark to handle data and take care of a large user base. Then slowly and steadily Node.js came into existence. In fact, after incorporating the technology, Netflix team was able to reduce the startup time and enhance the loading speed like never before. Of course, the company had so many other options still they preferred choosing Netflix.


Next major company or major advocate of Node.js is Uber. After including Node.js, the app automatically began enhancing in regards to high-end performance. Earlier, uber couldn’t make it but things did change after the incorporation of Node.js. In addition, Uber was willing to run advanced analytics on their stored data. One right decision did change everything. The ride-hailing taxi app did end up offering a huge transformation.

Of course, it’s not a compulsion that since all these leading companies are using Node.js, you should also go with the flow. It doesn’t mean you should do it too. Well, for that further I would like to mention some of the best reasons or benefits offered by Node.js. Go through them and then  decide whether Node.js is worth considering or not?

Benefits of using Node.js

1. Easy to get started with

One of the obvious and necessary benefits of using the Node.js technology is that it is pretty easy to learn or get started with. Yes, as mentioned earlier, Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform and one of the leading Javascript frameworks available around. So all you need to do is hire a Node.js developer who incorporates basic understanding of Javascript and object-oriented programming. Yes, it is not necessary to hire an experienced professional. In addition to this, if the beginner gets stuck at some point of time, he can receive assistance from the large and active community. Also, you can check out platforms such as Github where you may find a wide range of interactive courses, tutorials that can ease the development journey. Did we mention that Node.js is pretty much exciting in comparison to other options?

2. Great Performance and Quick to launch

Another intimidating factor for Node.js is that whatever you create or develop using the platform, you are bound to receive a solution that turns out to be great in terms of performance. Today, businesses are striving hard for immense scalability, flexibility as well as high-end performance and these three aspects are given pretty much importance in the development realm as well. Node.js is one such Javascript framework that excels in all these three aspects. By using Node.js, it is easy to create a solution that is best in regards to performance, easily scalable and great in terms of flexibility.

Some of the core features that lead to such scalability include ability to balance different types of loads, capable enough to handle many connections at the same time, high-end support for horizontal and vertical scaling and the list goes on!

3. Cost-effective solutions

The next advantage to take into account is Node.js turns out to be a cost-effective solution. In today’s times where prices are rising high and high, it turns out to be pretty difficult to keep up with the changing times. Every now and then, a new technology is being introduced. Now I am pretty sure that a software development solution is not the only project you must be leading? I mean spending a hefty price or an entire arm or leg is a pretty foolish decision to make. Fortunately, there are certain Javascript frameworks such as Node.js that can save ample of cost by taking care of both frontend and backend development.

4. Large and active Community

Now have you seen toddlers trying to walk or take risks when they cannot even stand properly? Why do these kids do that? Well, because they know that even if they fall, someone will always be there to catch them, take care of them. Similarly, if an amateur developer is working on the Node.js technology and he gets stuck or makes a mistake, the large community featuring experienced professionals and veterans is right here to take care of the situation. In addition to this, anyone curious about these technologies can seek knowledge via such high-end communities, forums, blogs-articles. 

5. One-stop Solution

Basically, Node.js is a one-stop solution for every need. Whether you are planning to develop a messaging app or a video streaming application, multiplayer gaming system, social media apps, collaboration tools, Node.js turns out to be the key factor here. Not just that you can create a mobile app, a desktop application or any type of SaaS website using Node.js. Apart from development, maintaining Node.js based solutions turns out to be extremely easy and a doable job. No wonder, the javascript technology is used in more than 85 countries.

Some other perks of Node.js include, high-end scaling, best when it comes to safety and security, capable enough to conduct seamless testing and so forth.


So that’s all for now! Node.js offers a wide range of actual advantages and those who have used it can never stop using it again and again. I mean when you get efficient performance, easy development process, reusable code, ability to scale seamlessly, asynchronous and event-driven, wide talent pool, what else you want! So yes Node.js is worth considering! I hope you did find the blog helpful. In case, if there is something that you would like to add or something you would like to ask, feel free to reach us out from the comment section below.