Ecommerce is a trendy way of doing business today. This involves the use of a website or social media account to promote and sell products. Buyers visit the website with the intention of getting all the information about the product, which includes high-quality product images and descriptions.

If you are a photographer, this is a lucrative market you can tap into. However, ecommerce photography services are not that easy to provide; hence, you should be well prepared. This article will guide you on the necessary preparations to succeed.

Equipment and Tools for Ecommerce Photography Services

·       Camera and video recorders – Modern cameras are versatile and can be used for both ecommerce photography services and recording videos of products. So, you definitely need a high-quality camera or a few, especially if you plan to grow fast.

·       Camera stands, tripods, and lights – These are important accessories for perfect product photography. They provide the needed stability and lighting when shooting products either in a studio or outside.

·       A furnished studio – Most clients want their ecommerce photography done in a studio for the best images. Therefore, it is good to have one.

·       Editing computers and software – If you check the Squareshot website, you will see different ecommerce photography services including highly edited images of products. For you to succeed, you should have computers and the right software for the job.

·       Human skills – Lastly, let’s mention human skills. The best ecommerce photography services are provided by skilled professionals, whether it is shooting or editing. And this is exactly what you need to succeed.

Marketing Your Ecommerce Photography Services

If you will be dealing with clients who have embraced ecommerce, it is also good that you do it as well. Marketing your ecommerce photography services is easy; all you need is a website, social media accounts, and a video streaming channel to inform as many people as possible about what you do.

For a small photography company, one can take over the marketing roles, while it is essential to hire a professional digital marketer for a big company. Regardless, the most important thing is to be aggressive in marketing your services.

Price Your Services Well

Ecommerce photography services come at a cost. As a service provider, you should provide different packages with their prices. Could it be a ghost mannequin price, standard photos, or paired products? This depends on you and what you intend to offer. Ensure that your prices are competitive to avoid being too low or too high.

Provide Good Customer Care

Another thing you need to succeed in ecommerce photography services is customer care. Most clients reward service providers who are good to them and give them the support they need to get value for the money.

As such, it is good to have a customer care desk, whether outsourced or internal. Ensure that all clients’ issues are resolved within the shortest time possible. You will be surprised by the growth of your photography business.


It is easy to set up a business for ecommerce photography services with the above tips and hacks. What is important is to get the right tools and equipment and then a marketing platform. Clients will return for your services, especially if your customer care is top-notch and your work is professional.