Generation Y

Creative Marketing for a New Generation

With the introduction of smartphones, social media, and real time information, smart consumers and business owners are finding new ways of reaching clients. New or established, if a business isn’t willing to change their marketing strategies to meet the changing times, they’re unlikely to survive.

Why the Need for Branding and Marketing

It’s true that if you have a great business, that word-of-mouth marketing can bring you a fair amount of new customers. But you can’t rely on that being true for your company, because that is the exception, not the rule when it comes to marketing. University of California, Riverside gives some great reasons how marketing helps.

-Reveals a stronger, consistent image of your business.

-The general public is more aware of who you are, and how you can benefit them.

-The ability to attract and retain the best consumers, as well as the best employees.

-Better able to establish relationships with the community.

-Increased sense of pride and loyalty.

Marketing consultant Laura Lake says: “. . . branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem”. She points out why branding is important.

1. Delivers a clear message.

2. Confirms credibility.

3. Connects your target prospects emotionally.

4. Motivates the buyer.

5. Creates user loyalty.

Getting Your Name Out There

Because of recent developments in technology as well as the economy, businesses need to reevaluate the audiences they’re now trying to reach, and how they attempt to connect with them. Some staffers notes that most marketing has been aimed at Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers, and Generation Y’ers are very different. They state:

“They’ve been influenced by changing times, with economic and political upheaval. They represent an increase in neoliberal politics and economics and are far more culturally liberal than their parents.”

By understanding Gen Y’ers mindset, you can more effectively shape your marketing and branding strategies. Reality Times gives some tips on how to reach the current generation of consumers.

1. Be tech savvy– they’ve grown up with technology, and outdated websites or companies that don’t incorporate texting, blogs, or social media will be dismissed.

2. Don’t require website visitor to ‘register’, they will skip right over you.

3. Social media is imperative– this will let them know how current you are.

4. Be good at time management– Generation Y’ers like living fast-paced and want companies that can keep up.

5. Straight forward and direct– Y’ers want the facts, honesty, and no pushy pressure sales.

Social media will be your biggest friend. Some ideas offered by

-Engage a unique audience, like reaching dads not just moms.

-Recognize coupons and deals are more downloaded, sent through texts or GPS-enabled cell phones and not clipped from the paper.

-Advertise in new spaces like Twitter and YouTube.

-Don’t be afraid to be extreme or shocking.

Get customized products with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube addresses, not just your website and logo. Be fun, be wild, and intrigue their curiosity.

Connecting With Consumers

Aside from reaching the masses, make things more personal by connecting directly with your local community. Every community has sports teams and groups that need support, and by sponsoring a group, individuals can wear printed custom shirts with your website, Twitter feed, or Facebook page for people to see and go to. Add a blog to your site and share information on local events and groups that you have partnerships with, or how your company is helping your local community. This will bring more commitment from consumers when they see you’re not just a business, but you’re part of the community.

Using creative marketing through smartphones, online resources, and social media will ensure you make the most of your marketing opportunities for reaching a new generation of clients.