Content Marketing Spend Increase Stats 2012

This post may have been more accurately titled, Is Social Media Killing Your Brand? And Other Overreactions.

There are some useful stats in this infographic, but none that jump out and unequivocally label social media as a brand killer. Here are the negative highlights:

Killer stats:

  • 57% of the total marketing budget is spent on social media
  • 61.3% of the Twitter users in the US never mention brands in their tweets
  • Of those that mentioned brands, only 25% said something positive

Other side of the coin:

  • Companies continue to say they are going to increase spending on social media, but I’ve never worked with a company that had anywhere near 50% of their marketing budget dedicated to social media
  • 38.7% of Twitter users in the US do mention brands in their tweets
  • Of brand mentions, 75% are neutral or positive brand mentions
  • I would also argue that negative mentions are going to happen whether your brand is active in social media or not. In fact, my experience shows that brands that engage in social media are able to minimize and resolve negative brand mentions

Other key takeaways:

  • 55% of brand advocates say they would recommend a product relative to social media campaign up to a year after the campaign has ended
  • Also interesting to note that most recommendations are said to take place after a campaign has ended


Social Media Advertising Awareness Infographic

Via: Prestige Marketing