Fresh Five in the Morning

Steve Woodruff asked me to host his Five in the Morning series and give it the Fresh Peel treatment. So here’s 5 juicy reads for today!

First, start your day off right with the music mix of your choice. Mashable shows you the top 5 sites to build a playlist.

Tim Stock from Brand Noise takes an in-depth look at how trends spread through culture networks.

Mark Ritson at the Branding Strategy Insider explores the fluid nature of consumers expectations versus what we as marketers expect.

There is one particular quote from Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail that continues to stand out in my mind as I filter through and consume large amounts of information everyday,

In a world of infinite choice, context not content is king.

John Bell from Digital Influence Mapping Project drives this point home as he adds some context to The Most Social Brands List. (Also a great study for advocating the importance of reputation management.)

Finally, a avid fan of Trader Joe’s has created an Ode to Trader Joe’s commercial (spotted on PSFK), which is starting to make it’s rounds in the blogosphere. David Armano from Logic + Emotion wonders how the store will respond since they typically aren’t a fan of customers taking video footage or photos inside their stores, and makes his recommendations for Trader Joe’s and other brands watching.

Thanks Steve!


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