Brand Email Stats Tips Infographic

Great email design tips from Email Monk. There are a lot of low hanging fruit here. If you implementing these best practices into your current email campaigns, then you’d be an idiot not to start implementing them right away.

The only one I question is the animated GIF tip. Email Monk claims they have seen deliverability issues with animated GIFs, yet I continue to see them widely used. I personally don’t have much experience with them so I can’t provide any insight there.

The last section on mobile design is something that most brand marketers are falling short on right now, or are ignoring all together. I recent study from Knotice found that 27% of emails are opened on mobile devices. My experience working with brands in retail and CPG is that this percentage can be a lot higher for some brands, even half of all email opens. If you aren’t thinking about how your emails display on mobile devices, you should be.