Forget the old kidney harvesting urban legend; I would gladly give one of my kidneys away if it would ensure me a seat at this event. The TED conferences are historical for joining together some of the world’s most creative and exciting people from all sorts of fields. The conference is so widely popular that it is already booked into 2008, and rest assured once registration is opened for 2009, it will be booked within a few days, if not hours.

The good news is that every presentation from the conference is recorded, and you can watch or listen to any or all of appearances you miss from the comfort of your own home.

Just to give you an idea, past guests have included names such as: Malcolm Gladwell, Tony Robbins, web designer Joshua Davis, U2’s Bono, and pianist Jennifer Lin.

One of the members of the TED team posted yesterday (BusinessWeek on being “booked up for TED) about last minute preparations and linked to a BusinessWeek article featuring the conference, all of which makes me that much more envious of those who get to see TED2007 in person.