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THE LAUNCH: The Age of Conversation Bum Rush


LAUNCH: The Age of Conversation Bum Rush Starts Now

It’s time to execute the plan that’s been in the works for weeks.

The Age of ConversationWe are launching The Age of Conversation up the Amazon charts. The book “brings together over 100 of the world’s leading marketers, writers, thinkers and creative innovators in a ground-breaking and unusual publication.” All of the proceeds generated from book sales and referrals will be donated to Variety, The Children’s Charity.

Buy, Starting Saturday March 29th

Click Here to buy your copy!

Please purchase 1 copy at a time, using the link above, for maximum impact, and because all referral fees will be donated to charity as well.


Don’t go too far because starting Saturday I will making continual updates to this post, reporting the books movement up the Amazon charts. This will be your go to post to find out how the plan is being carried out.

You can also follow the conversation on Twitter. Gavin (@servantofchaos), Drew (@DrewMcLellan) and I (@freshpeel) will be giving a play-by-play throughout the day. Join in the fun!


Since this is a global effort, I thought I would post the ranking as of 2pm CST on March 28th as a beginning marker. The ranking has already gone up in the last couple of hours because of sales from the other side of the world.

March 28th @ 2pm –  #102,282

Amazon_Rank on March 28th at 2:00pm

I will start a regular stream of reporting when March 29th gets to this part of the world!


March 29th @ 1:30am – #16,879

Age of Conversation Amazon Rank at 1:30 am


March 29th @ 8:00am – #3,559

Age of Conversation Amazon Rank at 8:00 am

Nice surprise to wake up to. We made a huge leap while I was sleeping! Things should start to pick up even more in the next few hours.


March 29th @ 9:15am – #1,562

Amazon Rank at March 29th at 9:15am

We’ve overtaken almost 2000 more spots! I’ve gotten a lot of verbal confirmations of people buying the book.


March 29th @ 10:15am – #1,562

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 10:15am

We are still sitting at #1,562. Join the rush and buy your copy if you haven’t already!


March 29th @ 11:30am – #1,161

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 11:30am

I guess updates don’t happen right on the hour afterall. Ranking jumps up 401 spots!


March 29th @ 12:00pm – #917

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 12:00pm

We’ve broken the top 1,000! Lets send this baby to the top!


March 29th @ 1:15pm – #368

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 1:15pm

Wow! We’re at #368 in books and I guess Amazon finally added the book to the Business category, which we are sitting at #53. I’m seeing #1 in Business! Lets go!


March 29th @ 3:15pm – #368

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 3:15pm

It’s been 2 solid hours suspended at #368. There’s still a lot of conversation around swimming around Twitter and the blogosphere, so I have my doubts that we’re finished here. Let’s break the top 100!


March 29th @ 5:00pm – #368

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 5:00pm

Still no change since 1:15pm. I’d still like to see the book make it into the top 50 Business books.


March 29th @ 5:15pm – #293

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 5:15pm

I spoke too soon. We just busted into the top 50 business books at #39 and ranked overall at #293! Join the rush!


March 29th @ 6:45pm – #293

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 6:45pm

We’re still holding on to the 39th spot in business bestsellers and ranked #293 on Amazon overall. Gather up any and everyone you know. We need one last push! Let’s break top 100!


March 29th @ 9:00pm – #293

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 9:00pm

It looks like things are slowing down a bit. Lets give it one more hour to see if we can give it one last jolt! If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, better do it fast.


March 29th @ 10:00pm – #262

Amazon Rank on March 29th at 10:00pm

We made one last push up the charts that came in just under the wire!

What an amazing day! I along with the 103 authors of The Age of Conversation thank everyone that bought a copy (or more) of the book and helped generate buzz. Our combined efforts created a wave of conversation, blowing up on blogs, Twitter and other social media outlets, ultimately propelling the book from being ranked at 102,282 all the way to #36 on the Business Bestsellers list and #262 overall. Thanks for joining the rush!

I can’t wait to see what The Age of Conversation 2 has up it’s sleeve.



  1. Chris

    Well done on co-ordinating a mighty push. It has certainly been pretty effective.

    I urge everyone who can to buy more copies to keep the momentum going. Give them to your clients, friends, family…whatever. I know I now have a big stockpile of books for Xmas presents.

    I get the feeling if we can break into the front page of rankings that the sales will really take off and won’t need our help as much.

    Maintain the rage folks.

  2. Absolutely amazing! When marketers ask me about the ROI of social media I’m pointing them to Age of Conversation. Congrats!

  3. Hey Chris….we should discuss this/debrief for Jaffe Juice. Maybe we can set up 10 minutes today? e-mail me and let’s chat…

  4. Congratulations on a great job. Glad I joined the Bum Rush and had a small part in this effort.

    It is fun to watch the book rise in Amazon rankings.

    Now let’s see how long the book can stay in the top 50.

  5. Good job, guys! Way to harness the power of social media!

  6. Awesome job, Chris, you’ve just given me more ammo for my CCFC presentation next week…I’m going to put together a quick animoto to show and tell re: the surge/power of social media for social good!


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