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TOMS Shoes Design


TOMS Womens ShoeAfter my post on TOMS Shoes’ company cause, I was so impressed with Blake, the company and the design of shoes that I ordered my wife a pair.

The order came in last week, and my respect for TOMS has grown that much deeper. What really impressed me was the overall design and presentation of the product. They have done a killer job with the packaging. 

 TOMS Shoes Packaging

The shoes came tucked inside their own TOMS drawstring bag. On the bag there was an indication of the size and a small swatch of the material that the shoes were made from. I’m sure this not only adds to the aesthetics of the product but probably helps TOMS be more efficient in quickly making sure that the right size and style of shoe is sent to the right customer.

Large Picture of Womens TOMS Shoes

My wife said the shoes were, “very comfortable and felt like she was wearing house shoes”. I finally ordered me some last night, but I decided that the “Flower Power TOMS” that my wife got wouldn’t go very well with any of my outfits.


TOMS Postcard

On the drawstring of the bag there was a card with a picture of Blake and some of the kids from the Argentina shoe drop last year. TOMS does a great job making sure that their focus is on their cause first and that it is clearly a part of the product. TOMS isn’t just selling shoes here.


We can pull the same key lessons out of TOMS Shoes that Seth Godin pulls out of Little Miss Matched’s socks.

The key lessons:

  • The product is the marketing.
  • Choose a hive of people who seek out products like yours and then talk about them.
  • Be true to what you stand for.
  • It’s okay not to be serious, especially if you’re selling a want, not a need.
  • Be patient. The market will find you.

  1. Okay, you’ve twisted my arm. After yours get in I’ll most likely see them every other day and want a pair of my own. You should see if you can get a second job as a TOMS promoter.

  2. Checkout some of the ways people have customized their Toms shoes.

  3. I LUVE TOMS !

  4. Where can I buy it?

  5. woooooooow!! its so wonderfuuul!! i like this style of shoes!! exelent

  6. Since the founder’s name is not “TOMs”, is “TOMS” an acronym that means something?

  7. Jocelyn,

    Blake has said in the past that TOMS stands for “shoes for tomorrow.”

  8. courtney says:

    how much are toms shoes?

  9. really nice shoes, i will become the fan of this collection of design

  10. Yeah I love Tom’s too but have never seen the particular bright flower-dy design posted on this site. Where can I get this design? Its not ont he Tom’s web.


  11. Toms are full of nation character! Although they are colorful, they are not exaggerated at all.

  12. kelly(: says:

    OHHHH MYYY GOOSSHH! These are ADORABLE! Where do you get toms like these?

  13. Arlynnda says:

    I love TOMs. I got mine in a small shop in California about a year ago and everyone at my school loves them. They’re a really good pair of shoes and they last forever.

  14. Delilah says:

    where can i get these shoes there no where too be found?

  15. so where can i find this desing? i really really want them!


    TOMS shoes are among the coolest and trendiest footwear around. … These TOMS shoes are too cute for words with their tie dye textile … anything against studs and buckles, but still, these are a nice change of pace. …cool


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