It is no surprise that the world is shifting focus to a more digital outlook. Many regular day-to-day activities and responsibilities now have the option of being done online from the comfort of home, without having to set foot out the door. 

With the digital movement flowing on a fast current, many job opportunities now will center around online, which is why an education on a sector within the digital industry can only be a great idea.

There is now more opportunity than ever when it comes to online, which is why this piece is compiled of 5 brilliant choices of career paths that can kickstart a lucrative career in the digital world.

IT Technician

It is safe to say that there will only be more demand for IT Technicians as time goes on. The more technology is relied upon, the more businesses will rely on those who can keep the technology in working order, performing at the best level, and being able to fix any errors or physical issues.

IT Technicians predominantly diagnose computer problems, install software, perform tests on computer equipment and programs, monitor processors to ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently, and essentially make sure everything is in its best working condition so businesses can do their job effectively and efficiently. 

This can be a great option for those who enjoy a mixture of both digital problem solving and physical problem solving, as IT technicians can also equip themselves to take apart computers and replace varying parts. 

Content Creator – Digital Media

Now, with so many businesses are online, the way in which consumers engage with media has also changed. Customers rarely find information or advertisements from the newspaper in current times, as the attention is predominantly based online. This means there is now a whole new market being developed as digital media becomes the forefront platform for advertising and influencing. 

A career in digital media can take shape in many different forms depending on which particular area is of interest. For example, content creation is now the lifeblood of all online businesses, as it draws interest to products and services, helps businesses rank on Google, and helps steer potential clients and those who fit the demographic towards a specific business.

Content creation can consist of many forms, such as video, images, and writing copy – all of which grab consumers’ attention and entices them to a particular brand.

Cyber Security Computer Scientist

When it comes to computer science, there are so many avenues that can be explored. As technology grows and expands, so do the fundamentals of computer science. 

A career within the computer science sector is definitely one for those who enjoy thinking logically, thrive off problem-solving, and have a knack for components such as computer algorithms and varying structures of data.

There are many avenues that can be explored when it comes to computer science, as now more than ever there is plenty to be taught, and even more to discover. That said, cybersecurity is a fantastic option for those who want to go into any sector of business, since there are seldom any businesses who will not require online protection.

Cybersecurity is a varied and interesting role. This career will see the preventative measures used to stop an online cyber-attack, or hackers accessing information. It will also include keeping vital software up to date and bug-free to ensure all data on the computer remains secure. A career in cybersecurity will also see strategic thinking, problem-solving, and the implementation of back up plans if the security of a system is breached.

Having all of these in place is vital to any business, which is why cybersecurity is a fantastic route for those who want to be part of the digital world and open themselves up to a wide variety of choices when it comes to sectors.

The need for cybersecurity will continue to grow rapidly, offering the promise of job security, a rewarding salary, and the chances to work remotely. 

Why not consider an online cyber security masters to propel a career in computer science forward?

Search Engine Optimization (Digital Marketer)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is now a prized skill when it comes to the online world.

Businesses that optimize all aspects of their company online will stand the best chance of interacting with search engines effectively. This means when a consumer searches specific keywords, a search engine such as Google will be able to point them in the direction of a business that suits the criteria. 

A career in search engine optimization can help businesses drive valid traffic to their business, which reinforces its importance when associated with certain keywords and a search engine. This then feeds into itself and the traffic that is taken to businesses helps them to convert search terms into sales. 

Search engine optimization is the backbone of an online business and is an excellent career path for those who enjoy strategic thinking, problem-solving, and analyzing data. The beauty of this approach is that search engine optimization works with organic content, which means specialists in SEO will maximize potential profitability and use what is already on the site to gain more traction and drive more traffic, as opposed to spending more money for paid campaigns.

Business Administrator

Business administration is essentially the administration of a business. Because of its large role in overseeing and supervising all aspects of business operations, it can offer a versatile career path for those who like to get involved in behind the scenes work with the option to be the face of the business too. Business administration can also really expand career options, as there are many sectors that can be worked in such as finance, marketing, accounting, and project management, to name a few.

This career choice can offer a remarkable amount of options when it comes to choosing and changing business sectors and the skills earned from going down the career path of a business administrator can translate to almost any other area, which is brilliant for those who like options!