Marketing has become a huge part of the modern consumer world. Companies are setting aside huge budgets just for marketing reasons. There are multiple ways of marketing a brand, company, individual, or product. The methods vary from using billboards stands, banners, and tour vans. The modern marketing game has moved from print media to the online community. Nonetheless, name badges have stuck around since they have proven to be great marketing tools. 

Whether you own a start-up business or a big company, it is a wise choice to invest in name badges for your staff. If you find it hard to understand why these pins are such a great marketing tool, here are some reasons to help ease your thoughts:

Witty with Catchy Phrases 

Name badges contain catchy phrases that are meant to woo the consumers and entice them to buy the products on promotion. This is an embedded psychological ploy that marketing gurus use to capture the attention of their potential customers. 

Cheap and Easy to Make 

Compared to traditional marketing that requires huge budgets such as billboards and banners, name badges are pocket-friendly and one can easily make them for personal use. This is the perfect combination of getting the job done while using little to no funds. Think of it as hitting two birds with one stone. 

You can reach out to Rocket badge for any services or questions you may have concerning the manufacturing of enamel name badges. Take note that just because the badges come at affordable prices doesn’t mean that their quality is wanting.


One can get immense exposure when utilising name badges. A good example of this is when people are ata conference. An individual with a name tag stands out more due to the name tag as compared to someone with no name tag. In addition to this, it also helps to describe what a person does without having to converse with them. 

Brings About a Theme 

Different companies have different colour themes depending on what they represent. Corporate companies like blue wholefood companies like red and yellow. Thus, it’s a matter of psychology of colours. The markers also help to associate a company with what it stands for, and this results in a key marketing feature known as branding. 

Currently, if we go on the street and ask random people to associate different colours with a list of different companies, there is a high probability that they may associate brands like Coca Cola with red and Walmart will be associated with blue. 


We live in a time when people want to attach flair to brands, and what better way to do this than with name badges? The ability to easily customise your name badge with different fonts, font sizes, font styles, orientation, and colours means that it brings about an appeal of creativity and emotional attachment. 


If you are in the marketing industry, you should highly consider using name badges to maximise the advantages as mentioned earlier.