When you start your own business, it can be difficult to get established, and in the first few years, it can feel like you’ve not got time for anything else. While you may take on staff and spend time and money getting them trained, it’s common for small business owners to neglect their own training and qualifications, which means they can be out of the loop in their own industry. Here are some reasons that you should schedule some training sessions for yourself.1. It’s never been easier to undergo training

Completing a training course used to mean blocking off days on your calendar and potentially traveling miles for courses and qualifications. But luckily, for busy small business owners, online training has become huge. For example, you can get a Six Sigma Certification Online with Global Six Sigma, which gives you a great deal of flexibility in your learning, so you can study when you have spare time. 2. You can become a more effective manager

Many small businesses are launched by people who have a passion for their product or service, and may have already worked in a certain industry, but might not have managed people in the past. Being a manager is about more than just scheduling hours and finding new staff, and learning management skills can help you to improve productivity and boost employee happiness. 3. You should keep your qualifications up to date

You may have spent a long time getting your qualifications and learning skills that helped you launch your business. However, qualifications soon go out of date, and skills get rusty over time, especially when you’re spending time managing people rather than doing a hands-on job. Avoid the trap of neglecting your own career goals because you’re focused on your business.4. It can be an easy way to expand your business

Expanding your skills can help you expand the number of products and services on offer from your business. For example, if you make things and learn a new technique, you can be more productive and also possibly add new products to your range. If you are looking to expand your small business, then it’s worth going through training in marketing or courses targeted to those who run startups, as this could take your company to the next level.5. It’s a good way to network

When you attend a training course, or go through one online, you’ll often meet people within your industry. When you’re wrapped up in building your small business, it can be difficult to get time to network, so this is an excellent opportunity to do so, which could potentially open up new avenues or even land you a new client.

Starting a small business is tough, and some days it can feel like your entire existence revolves around your fledgling business empire. Spending some time training allows you to focus on yourself and learn new skills, which can in turn benefit your business too.