Recent changes to Facebook’s EdgeRank has been a hot topic of conversation among brands. Socialbakers has a good post showing how these changes to the EdgeRank algorithm has drastically affected the reach of brand on Facebook pages. What’s even more telling is that this seems to impact brands with the most fans. In fact, this creates a model of diminishing returns for large brands on Facebook (or brands that wish to grow their fan numbers), where is could start to become harder for brands to justify spending money on acquiring new Facebook fans because the cost to reach those fans with get much larger as their fan base grows.

This infographic from Postrocket does a great job of illustrating the major components that are factored into Facebook’s EdgeRank. I’m also interested in seeing what their beta tool that claims to help improve Edgerank has to offer.

Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm - How Edgerank Works Infographic

Via: Michael Litman