Mashable and EyeTrackShop together conducted a study that tracked the eye movements of 600 participants as they looked at top category and brand Pinterest pages.

Pinterest Eye Tracking Research and Attitudes

Heat map indicates the areas of the Pinterest board that received the most attention. The graph on the right shows results from a survey that each study participant filled out after viewing the page.

Pinterest Eye Tracking Research 2

The left-hand image shows the order that the average user explores page items. The image on the right shows the percentage of participants that viewed each image and the time it took them to get to each area and how much time they spent on each item.

View the full set of image results from the study.

Here are two important takeaways from the study:

  • Users are drawn to top pins. Front and center pins were seen by more eyeballs.
  • Faces attract attention. Users are attracted to faces. This one may be a little surprising since many think of Pinterest as a site for sharing objects of inspiration. 
  • People tend to like brands better after viewing their Pinterest pages. A majority of participants said that viewing a brand’s page improved their opinion about the brand and said they were more likely to purchase something from it.