The ID Branding Framework is built around four core disciplines, each of which plays a vital role in branding: brand strategy, brand identity, brand management and brand experience.

When building a new brand, these four disciplines can be viewed from left to right as sequential phases of development. When working with existing brands, however, each of the disciplines operates concurrently – they are interdependent and work together over time.

Figure 1. Four core branding disciplines form the backbone of the ID Branding Framework.

Figure 2. The ID Branding Framework relates a variety of elements to the four core branding disciplines.

As shown in Figure 2, each of the core disciplines has several related elements. These elements may represent points of understanding, activities, building blocks or types of communications.

The Value of the Framework
ID Branding chose to define branding with a framework model because it best serves the following objectives:

  • Establishing a holistic, yet scalable approach for building company and product brands
  • Providing a foundational set of concepts and terminology for branding activities
  • Encompassing long-term brand management in addition to specific development projects
  • Enabling effective branding work to start at any point in the life cycle of a brand


When building and growing a strong brand, there are many dimensions to be considered. A strong brand offers a consistent experience across all platforms of interaction.