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If you want to gain insights in what the future holds, ask them.

For most of my readers there isn’t anything shocking about the kids preferences, in fact you’ve seen dozens of charts like the one below, illustrating generational shifts in media habits. But what I find quite revealing is their excitement for the internet and what they do while they are online. When asked, “which is more fun? Internet or TV?” Without skipping a beat they shout, “internet!” and then laugh because they unintentionally said the same thing in unison.

Other comments from the kids make it clear that they don’t have anything against TV programming itself but want to do more with what the media they consume than sit and watch like kids of past generations.

So what’s next for TV? If the opinions of these kids are any indication of what’s to come, we can expect to see television evolve into something that is less passive, more interactive and on-demand.

What do you think the future of TV holds?


Time Gen Y Spends with Media


(Video via: Hard Knox Life)