LifeLock Hacked Cracked Stolen Identity Broken

LifeLock has stirred up a lot of attention ever since their CEO, Todd Davis, started boldly plastering his own social security number across the companies Ads.

Davis says proudly,

“I’m absolutely confident LifeLock is protecting my good name and personal information, just like it will yours. And we guarantee our service up to $1 million dollars.”

That’s a pretty hefty claim considering that there were a 8.4 million identity theft victims in 2007. In fact, with such a bold guarantee and aggressive marketing tactics, the  company seems to be gaining traction.

But with recent news, it looks like the whole LifeLock train could be derailed. CNN is reporting that after at least 87 different attempts, a Texas resident has managed to fool “an online payday loan operation last year into giving him $500 using Davis’ Social.”

This is obviously bad news for LifeLock. The company’s bold claims and guarantee have been smashed in a very public way.

Just goes to show that a strong brand is more than facade appearance. A strong brand is built from the inside out.


As if this isn’t bad enough, Drew exposes LifeLock’s less than mediocre customer service.