Fake it till you make it

As the old adage says, “Fake it till you make it.” If you want to position yourself to move up the chain, you first have to move up mentally before everyone else will let you fill that role. Act as if you have truly reached that next level and the world around you will start to align to make the goals that once eluded you a reality.

This technique might just give you the confidence and charisma necessary to move up. In fact, there seems to be a lot of legitimacy to this idea when it comes to personal branding and setting yourself up to succeed.

The Debate 

But does this method of thinking hold any truth where a brand is concerned? Should a brand try to “fake it until they make it” or is it just setting itself up to break promises to customers?

What if it’s a new brand beginning it’s launch into the marketplace? Does that change the about of “faking it” that should be allowed, if any?


What do you think?

Let the debate begin!