Advertising for Peanuts Bag 

I hope you aren’t allergic to peanuts because Advertising for Peanuts is ditching it’s old model of serving up samples of advertising from around the industry moving towards what they hope will be a more conversational platform for advertisers, marketers, designers, those analytics guys, and really anyone in the industry to come together. Littlejohn, the brainchild behind Advertising for Peanuts, hopes you will express your,

…comments, insults and complaints. Whatever gets the conversation going. Whatever changes things up a bit. Whatever keeps you coming back.

The exciting part of all this is that Littlejohn has recruited an eclectic group of individuals with a vast array of expertise to be a part of this new direction.

Here’s a rundown of the new team, each of which have been assigned a different day of the week as their day to blog:

  • Monday – Jim Morris, Copywriter/Creative Director
  • Wednesday – Littlejohn, Advertising for Peanuts Founder as well as Copywriter
  • Saturday – T. Willerer, works in strategic research, insights & analytics, consumer insights, etc.

Even though the copywriters weigh in heavy on this list, the opinions are sure to be far and wide. I’m predicting this will be a great resource for marketers wanting to become familiar with how the ad world thinks and for anyone trying to bridge the gap between strategy and design. I just wish they could have pushed the analytics guy up earlier in the week. I don’t know if I will have the brainpower to read anything too deep on Saturdays.