Legos Car

Clients know what they want. In fact they know exactly what they want and when they need it.

They want a website redesign, or to formulate an identity for their newest product line development. Or they need an outdoor ad placed at that perfect spot where the road construction backs up traffic for hours everyday. Or they need a total ad campaign, ready to launch by the end of the week.

What Most of them don’t know, is why. Why do they need all of this?

It’s very easy for marketing to become a list of items to mark off on a checklist, and to think that if I’m doing this set of things then “I’m marketing.”

This is a trap that marketing pros like myself sometimes fall into. Here’s a simple analogy to help the idea of integrating your marketing plan stick a little better.

Marketing is like building something out of Legos. The pieces will fit together in just about any way that you can imagine. But if you want to build the race car pictured on the side of the box, then you have to make sure that all the pieces are put together in just the right way to build that race car. If they leave pieces out or try to throw in pieces from other Lego sets, then they will probably fit together at first, and you won’t notice that anything’s wrong until you step back and say, “What the heck is that? It looks like a mini Ford Edsel?”

It’s the same in marketing. Websites, blogs, magazine ads, direct mailers, TV ads, mobile text ads, and even that social network your programming team is building around your product, are just pieces that fit together to send a consistent message. And the better they fit together, the stronger the message will be.

I need to get my clients some Legos.