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Brand Tags got it’s original start as an experiment/project of planner strategist Noah Brier. The idea was simple. As Noah described the project,

You tag brands with the first thing that comes to mind… The thinking went something like this: If brands exist as the sum of all thoughts in someone’s head, then if you ask a bunch of people what a brand is and make a tag cloud, you should have a pretty accurate look at what the brand represents.

Brand Tags was later purchased by Solve Media, who uses basic website form captchas as a way to increase brand messaging recall by having users type a brand message. They obviously saw a unique opportunity in the Brand Tags project concept and idea, and with yesterday’s announcement that they would be replacing the old brand messaging captchas with Brand Tags.

This has the potential to be a powerful insights tool for brand marketers because they can track focused sentiment around a brand in real-time. There was no mention of how detailed targeted insights from the new system will be, but I see a huge potential here to not only track the real-time sentiment around a brand, but to see how it varies and fluctuates from audience to audience. For example, if sentiment around Starbucks is very positive on Elle, but is very poor on Fox News, then this should influence how Starbucks approaches each of these audiences and ultimately where and how their marketing dollars should be spent.

I’m excited to see how this develops, especially now that the Brand Tags project will be exposed to a whole new audience.

Here is a look at how Brand Tags will be incorporated into the captchas:

AOL Brand Tags Captcha



Purina Dog Chow Brand Tags Captcha