Experiment with Social Media

What new tools are you experimenting with?

Social media is always changing, evolving, shifting and growing. It takes a high level of curiosity and dedication to keep up, but it’s this experimentation (the dirty work) that sets the thought leaders apart from everyone else.

In order to lead the way, we have to have some ideas about where we are going. And we can’t form these ideas without rearranging the parts we are currently using and throwing in some new parts to see what happens—experimentation.

People like Chris Brogan, Steve Rubel, Christopher S. Penn and Jeremiah Owyang became the thought leaders that they have risen to today because of their constant experimentation in the space which has allowed them to better analyze all that is happening around us and see a slightly clearer picture of what’s next. The same could be said of just about anyone from Mashable or ReadWriteWeb.

Want to take your level of insights to a whole new level?

Then start experimenting.

What are you experimenting with in social media?

Let us know in the comments below.

If you need some help finding tools to experiment with make Mashable or ReadWriteWeb a part of your daily exploration.

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